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Still Standing!

Christ is Risen! Xristos Kuxwoo-digoot! Cristo ha Resucitado! Si Kristo ay Nabuhay!

I've been pretty much absent from this blog and website for almost three months - my chronic back condition suddenly became acute in February. An MRI revealed that a fragment of my herniated disc had broken loose and was pressing against the base of the bundle of nerves that branch out into my left leg.

I was completely bedridden and had to travel from Juneau to Seattle for back surgery on March 14th. (Juneau being too remote and too small to have any resident neurosurgeons).

The surgery was successful and since then I've been able to get around with a cane and am slowly recuperating. As a Catholic deacon, I was fortunately recovered enough to be able to serve, cane in hand, at the Holy Week liturgies at the Co-Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (I'd forgotten how much standing is involved in a typical Mass though!)

I'm grateful to everyone who helped me through those difficult weeks before and after surgery, especially my wife Paula. I couldn't have managed without her care and support!

Prior to this abrupt interruption to sitting, standing and walking, I'd been working hard on four exciting drawing and painting projects during December, January and February, which I'll be writing about in this blog as we enter into the joyful fifty days of Easter.

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