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  • Charles Rohrbacher

Day-by Day in the New Jerusalem Workshop Studio

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Icon of St. Luke, Patron Saint of Artists and Iconographers, Painting the Icon of Mary the Mother of God and Jesus in his studio.

A Website: Finally!

Although I've been an icon painter for almost forty years, only until this past year have I been able to begin working full-time as an artist in the studio. Until now, I've needed to fit various projects into the space to be found on weekends and evenings and other time off from my regular employment.

One of my goals for years has been to have a website, which, with the help of website designer Emi Bautista in far-away Minneapolis, is now on-line with my inexperienced hand at the wheel.

Included in the website is this blog, "Day-to-Day In My Studio". I'm hoping to post photos and commentary on the work I'm doing; reflections on various aspects of icons and spirituality and information on artist materials and methods. Mostly relating to icon painting but from time to time on other media, such as relief printmaking and book illustration.

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1 Comment

Oct 27, 2021

Congratulations Charles, and much love from Rich and Mary. I want to make this available to my friend Christopher Armstrong-Stevenson, who has an enormous interest in ikonography and I know would enjoy looking over your shoulder. How do I do that?

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