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The Harrowing of Hell Redux (Part III)

Although the encounter between the First Adam and Jesus the Second Adam is the essence of the icon of the Harrowing of Hell (Eve is almost always also a part of the core composition, a variety of other figures from the Old and New Testaments are often included as well.

How many are included depends on whether the design of the icon is vertical (room for just a few figures) or as in this icon, horizontal (room for more figures). Those with a star are most commonly included.

In my composition the figures to the left of Adam and Eve are the following (L-R):

  • Jonah

  • Solomon*

  • Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary

  • David*

  • Bathsheba

  • John the Baptist*

The figures to the right of Jesus are the following (L-R):

  • Isaiah*

  • Abel the Righteous*

  • Moses*

  • Judith

  • Miriam

  • Aaron

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