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Deacon Charles Rohrbacher





New Jerusalem Workshop

314B Street

Douglas, AK 99824

A Bit About Me

When I was about eight or nine years old my father took me to an art store where he invited me to choose a watercolor set.  

I still remember my delight at the set that I chose that day: a set of German watercolors in a case with the words Angora, and a cat stamped in red on the clear plastic cover. 

I've been painting ever since.

My subject eluded me until Easter 1980 when I went to the Russian Orthodox cathedral in San Francisco with my friend, the iconographer Dmitri Shkolnik and discovered that I’d been waiting my entire life to paint icons. 


So I began to study icon painting: first with Dmitri and then with the late Byzantine Catholic Jesuit, Fr. Egon Sendler in Paris.   


Over time, my work improved enough to begin to accept commissions and I began my studio, The New Jerusalem Workshop.  Somewhere in the past four decades I also managed to marry my wife, Paula, have a daughter, Phoebe and a son, Miguel, and become a Catholic deacon.  


In addition to painting icons for churches and individual patrons, over the years I’ve also designed stained glass windows, illustrated books (three for the Liturgical Press and one for Oregon Catholic Press)and  have made any number of woodcuts and  relief prints.    


The best part of being called to this work is knowing that through God’s grace, the completed icon will be a presence of beauty, devotion and prayer in a home or in a church.


The Book of the Elect, The Liturgical Press. 1986

A Contemplative Rosary: Praying the Mysteries with Scripture, Song and Icons 2003

The Illuminated Easter Proclamation (Exsultet) 2011

Bob Hurd, Elaine Park and Charles Rohrbacher 2004 Oregon Catholic Press, Portland, OR

The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN


The Passions of Holy Week 2013

The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN

Recent Exhibits,
Articles and Talks


Windows into Heaven, Solo Exhibit, Alaska State Museum, 2018

Slide Lecture

Windows into Heaven: Seeing the Icon with New Eyes 2018    


(An appreciation of Fr. Sendler that I wrote after his death in 2014)      

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